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Last Updated September 01, 2016
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Fall 2016 Issue cover Grande Traverse


Moving Here

Raise your hand if you moved to Northern Michigan as an adult, from downstate, from another state or from across the globe. Was it because of food or farming, work or retirement, love?

Raise your hand if you are here because your parents or grandparents moved here, for the beautiful land and water or for work on the farms or in the factories.

Raise your hand if you are here because your grandparents' parents or great-grandparents moved here, perhaps buying land for a farm, or logging, milling and shipping out lumber.

Raise your hand if you are here because your ancestors lived here, drawing from bountiful woods and waters for food, shelter and trade, long before peoples from Europe began to arrive.

That should be about everyone, yes? Now put down your hand, relax. Turn to your neighbors and say hello. Today we are all here together. And on any given day we are joined by others who are moving here, visiting or passing through.

This autumn issue of Edible Grande Traverse tells several stories of people who moved here–how they found this particular place in the world, why they stayed and what they brought along. Of course food is implicated in all those things. Sometimes food is a lure, like an apple on a tree. Sometimes food means work worth keeping, or food builds bonds with new friends. And always when people move their foods come with them–through recipes, ingredients and cooking, and in those flavors of home forever imprinted on their palates.

OK, raise your hand, one more time, if you love the food of this place, the richness of its harvests and the variety of its cuisine. Lift it a little higher if you strengthen the local foodshed by eating from it as best you can. And stretch up one last time if you seek to leave this place in better shape than how it was when you or your family arrived. I hope your hand is waving high now!

Wishing you a bountiful harvest and plenty of apple pie this fall,

-Barb Tholin, Publisher

What's in Season - Fall

Our sandy soils of Northern Michigan—and many food crops—suffered mightily this past spring and summer in near-drought conditions. While quenching rains arrived eventually, some fall crops like...

Elk Rapids Farmers’ Market

Azuki Bean Bread
The Elk Rapids is a true farmers’ market with products grown and made by the sellers. Stop by any Friday morning through summer and early fall.

Apples and the Lure of the North

Dave Allen and Iva
Kilchermans’ farm is the pit stop for many when it comes to apples. They come here to pick up their favorite varieties, while also trying a new apple or two.

Apple, Pear and Cucumber Salad

Apple Tree
This recipe was excerpted from Antique Apples, and like all the recipes in this book, it utilizes apple varieties available at Kilcherman’s Christmas Cove Farm.

Behold the Chopstick

Northern Michigan’s culinary and restaurant scenes continue to expand and incorporate globally influenced cuisines. With the recent opening of Traverse City’s first ramen shop, Gaijin,...

It’s All Greek to Me: Stathis Stamatakis Sells Cretan Delights in Northern Michigan

Taste of Crete
Regulars of the Village at Grand Traverse Commons know Crete native Stathis Stamatakis for his honey-dipped baklava, his kourabiedes walnut sugar cookies and other Greek delights. Stathis sells his...

Cretan Lamb Casserole

This Creatan Lamb Casserole puts an authentic Greek twist to an American classic: the casserole dish, which is perfect timing for casserole season.

Swiss Chard with Tomato Sauce

This swiss chard with tomato sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the Cretan lamb casserole dish. Make this to serve on top of the dish for the full effect.

King Orchards: When North Meets South

Franciscos and Kings' Portraits on the Table
After a humble beginning, the Kings now farm 400 acres of sweet and tart cherries to nectarines and plums. Easy to say, this is more than they ever anticipated.

Flour Tortillas

Although it takes a little practice and patience, this authentic flour tortilla recipe shows you that homemade is worth it and kick your dishes up a notch.

Cherry Herb Sorbet

This cherry herb sorbet is reminiscent of summer due to its frozen state, but by utilizing herbs, it's given an element that makes it seem like fall.

A Twilight Tour at Cook Family Farm

Chicken Coop
The Crosshatch vision is to promote the well-lived local life, and as Brad Kik, co-founder and co-director of the non-profit, likes to say, “Crosshatch celebrates the blending of art, farming, food...

Franc-ly, My Dear, There IS Another Cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon is known as the king of red grapes. It makes big, bold and robust wines and is the world’s most-planted red varietal. This popular grape is a cross, or child, of Sauvignon Blanc...

Peppercorn-Crusted Salmon With Cabernet Franc and Blackberry Sauce

Cabernet Franc
This peppercorn-crusted salmon alone is great, but pair it with this Cabernet Franc blackberry sauce and you're in for quite the treat.

Reasons To Eat It Up!

Eat it Up!
Sherry Brooks Vinton shares reasons (beyond just the ones you may think) to eat every bit and enjoy every bite of the food that you buy

Pickle Spice Mustard

Pickle Spice Mustard
Pickles: When I was writing the “Put ‘em Up!” trilogy on home food preservation, I got pretty tight with pickles. Developing recipes, testing recipes, tasting recipes, I was quite deep in the...

Greens and Goat Cheese Pizza

Greens and Goat Cheese
This greens and goat cheese pizza can be whipped up for lunch or a light dinner, or cut it into squares and serve it as an afterschool snack or cocktail nibble.

Apple Sauce from Fresh Made Simple

Apple Sauce
This excerpt from "Fresh Made Simple" by Lauren K. Stein is the conclusive look at how to make apple sauce.
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