In Our Summer 2016 Issue

Last Updated July 01, 2016
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Summer 2016 Issue Grande Traverse cover


Welcome to summer. Welcome to the long days, the sultry nights. Welcome back to the inland waters. Welcome back to the time of year when we most adore our local farmscapes, when fruits and vegetables are our true loves and it's all about this questions: What will ripen next?

The farmers' markets abound with color and the excited chat of the season—What's this? Oh, I love those. Can't wait to make something. My mother used to ... and when will the sweet corn be ready? Gardeners make the same chat over the neighbor's fence or at potluck barbecues. Chefs reach for the broadest palette of the year to create their daily art, masterpieces created of vibrant, fresh ingredients. And at home we glut on the simplest of pleasures, like bowls of black cherries and sandwiches made with thick, dark slices of tomato.

The summer waters beckon us: Rest here, play here, adventure here, find food. Within the waters life is teeming; great huge food webs ebb and flow below the surface as temperatures swing and currents shift. Here in Northern Michigan we love our waters perhaps more than anything else; we protect them as best we know how and are humbled by their power. In summer we are all water people.

Ahhh, summer. The summer issue of Edible Grande Traverse, is always special fun, as we can celebrate food and community in our region during the season that both are at their peak. Families gather, friends old and new share good times and great meals.

These summer pages give you fish stories and market news, food trucks and potlucks, recipes galore and restaurants to explore. In addition, our advertisers provide a directory of the delicious and engaging North—the food and drink, of course, but so much more, from swim lessons to spoken word and art gallery to yoga studio. Through our stories and our advertisers we are weaving connections that illuminate and strengthen our bay-area foodshed.

Thank you for reading and for your support, encouragement and feedback, too. Here's to summer, to protecting our waters and to eating what ripens next.

-Barb Tholin, Publisher

Community Farmers’ Markets: Summer Schedule

July and August 2016 ANTRIM COUNTY Alden Farmers’ Market Thursdays 4–8 PM At the tennis park 800-226-5481 Bellaire Farmers’ Market Fridays...

Grill Benzie from Grow Benzie

Tacos from Grill Benzie
New food truck puts farm-to-table on wheels Agentle breeze runs through the tall prairie grasses alongside a dirt and gravel parking lot. A...

Sam's Graces Cafe and Bakery

Interior of Sam's Graces Cafe and Bakery
When you walk into Sam’s Graces Café and Bakery the first sight, sound and smell image is freshness. The whitewashed walls, open ceilings...

Vegetables are as Colorful as Candy

Squash Boom Beet
When she sat down to read to her three little boys one night, writer Lisa Maxbauer Price realized that the book she wanted to read to them...

Get Down to the Earth

Taproot Cider House
Earth to Table at Taproot Cider House The sun shines through frosty glasses of amber and tangerine beverages in front of each customer...

Talking Tomatoes

Talking Tomatoes
‘Beefsteak’ is a relative term If you’re looking for the largest variety of privately owned heirloom tomato seeds in Michigan (and arguably...

Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce

Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce
Note: While a variety of different tomatoes makes the besttasting sauce, an all-orange or all-yellow sauce is fun to make.

Let's Talk About Fish

Food for the mind, body and soul at the 2016 Michigan Seafood Summit Summer is here, and we’re back outdoors, enjoying backyard barbecues...

Smelt Days

Jim Telgard and Martin Telgard
Memories of the Leland Runs We often mark time by the seasonal “drop-everything-you’re-doing” things that come around, often centered on...

Mickey Cannon, Tuscan Bistro

Mickey Cannon
Up North’s Little Northern Italy Along the bay, chef extraordinaire Mickey Cannon is celebrating a decade at his Tuscan Bistro, making...

Fundamentals of Food & Wine Pairing

As another great summer rolls around on the Northern Michigan wine trails, enquiring minds always want to know: “What goes with what?” What...

The Pleasure and Perils of Potluck

“See you at 6 on Friday… “ Oh happy hurray: a dinner invitation! “ …And please bring a dish to pass.” Gulp. Another potluck. Another...

A Brief (Personal) History of Hospitality

Vegan, vegetarian, omnivore —everyone’s welcome at this table
The way we eat is changing—that’s not news anymore. I remember when, as a budding vegetarian, I couldn’t eat out in Los Angeles—in Los...

Farmers' Market Tomato Salad

Farmers' Market Tomato Salad
What are your favorite heirloom tomatoes? Brandywine? Black Krim? Oaxacan Jewel? How about Mortgage Lifter? The names themselves are a treat, conjuring up not only the flavors and textures but the...

Ratatouille From the Charcoal Grill

Ratatouille, the great vegetable dish of Provence, is the pure expression of those sunny fields and gardens. This is a twist on the traditional. The fresh summer vegetables that go into a classic...

Peach and Basil Sorbet

Peach and Basil Sorbet
The perfect summer dessert: a sweet chill with a peppery spike of herbal excitement. The basil is subtle but important, and the peaches must be the ripe golden beauties of July or August.
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