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Last Updated May 01, 2016
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Spring 2016 Issue Grande Traverse cover


Spring Beauty

There is natural art to be found outdoors in every season. In winter the crystalline formations of ice, in autumn bare tree limbs seem etched into gray skies, and summer gives us colors—all of them at once, everywhere at once.

And spring! Spring is bright splashes of color on a dry brown canvas, coiled green fronds breaking ground and unfurling, the music of songbirds, the dance of pea tendrils seeking support, the sculpted surfaces of bare land glimpsed briefly before cloaking again in a mantle of green.

Always so relieved to get through another winter, it's an extra blessing to enjoy the beauty that comes with spring. And so much of that beauty has to do with food, but that only makes sense, right? See orchard rows in bloom and we think of cherries, fields turning green could be sweet corn or wheat. And morels must be their own category of art—homely yet uniquely appealing because they trigger such savory thoughts!

With Edible Grande Traverse we share the stories of local foods in season, and this spring they come with an extra dose of aesthetic appreciation. In these pages you'll find a call to see our farming and agronomic works as a pursuit of beauty, and there is the beauty of a luscious and decorated cake for special occasions this strawberry season. There are artful spring recipes, including a salad you can not only eat but—get out your colored pencils—relax into a coloring project with, too.

In part 2 of an exploration into the local hop scene we share how brewers are using the new hops as a fresh palette of flavors for their beers. We explore how the local coffee community is seeking excellence in their art by working together to raise the bar on quality. We even practice the art of sustainability: how to harvest leeks from the woods with an ethos that recognizes their vulnerability in the landscape.

As we start this fresh growing season and our ninth year of publication, we'd like to thank our advertisers for their support all these years. Through their food and entrepreneurial arts they've helped build the local food systems in the Grand Traverse region. We look forward to the years ahead, many delicious, healthy meals and friends and neighbors to share them with.

Happy spring!

-Barb Tholin, Publisher

Community Farmers’ Markets: Spring Schedule

produce at farmers market
You've waited all winter for this. Stay in the know about the farmers' market schedule by county for the spring months May through June.

Juicemaker Kristin Rockwood

kristin rockwood
Juicemaker Kristin Rockwood of Press On Juice

“Rampant” Over-Harvesting

wild leeks
Wild leeks, a.k.a. ramps, have become a desirable wild staple popular on restaurant menus and in greenmarkets, but careless and “rampant” gathering threatens future harvests.

Nettle, Wild Leek and Morel Risotto

wild leek
Grab some nettles and leeks and pretty soon you'll have yourself a tasty risotto with a spring twist. Garnish with cheese, leek tops and parsley, and voilà.

Boiling Cauldrons of Bitters and Bouquets

hops flower
Maybe you're totally into breweries, but still have some questions about the different types of beer. What makes an IPA a double IPA? What are the steps brewers go through when creating their own...

Agristhetics: Farm Deco and the Cultivation of Beauty

Agristhetics: when an agricultural landscape is approached with intention. This refers to the act of farming and the “scaped” land as the art itself.

Cake Art

lemon buttermilk cake with strawberries
Cakes have an undeserved reputation as something challenging to bake. The truth is, cakes are chemistry, plain and simple. If you know all the steps and the reasons for them, you can easily put...

Lemon Buttermilk Cake with Strawberries

lemon buttermilk cake
This delicious lemon buttermilk cake has all the right components from the cream cheese frosting to the strawberries. Bonus: it looks just as good as it tastes.

Growing Traverse City’s Coffee Community

pouring coffee
In a region renowned for its Rieslings, craft beers and hard ciders, many in Traverse City are hoping to make specialty coffee the next breakout beverage.

Sausage, Italian Style

making italian sausage
People make Italian sausage in dozens of different ways, in hundreds of communities in Italy. And in Grand Traverse County, there are a handful of families using age-old recipes to make the delectable...

Sausage Stuffing with a Hand Grinder

stuffing sausage
Part of getting this sausage just right is having the right ingredients. Follow this list on where to find the ingredients to make this age-old Italian recipe.

Sautéed Peppers

Sautéing  the peppers
How can something so tasty be so simple you ask? These peppers are here to prove tasty doesn't have to be difficult or involve tons of ingredients.

How to Cook an Egg

cooking an egg
No matter how you like your eggs—boiled, scrambled, poached or fried—we have the no-fail way to cook an egg. You’ll be serving brunch in no time!
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